National Conference on “Contemporary Trends in Management and Information Technology”

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Two days National Conference on ‘Contemporary Trends in Management and Information Technology’ sponsored by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) under Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) was conducted on 15th & 16th February, 2018. The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Prasad Mahale, Vice President, Indian Card Clothing, Pune. In his inaugural speech, he introduced and emphasized different values like Customer Centricity, Accountability, Respect, Diversity, Innovation, Nurture, Growth, Sustainability, Agility, Time Management, Teamwork, Talent, Dedication, Determination, Ubiquity etc. 

The next speaker was Mr. Samir Kukade, Director, HR, Lear Corporation, Pune. His topic was ‘Management Challenges in Challenging Markets ’. He asked students to be well prepared to engage themselves in four Careers, especially, on the background of challenging emerging markets. He also explained the importance of the two concepts namely, Artificial Intelligence, Job Transformation, Job Attrition, etc.

The next speaker was Mr. Gaurav Ambedkar, who is the Corporate Trainer. His topic was ‘Path for Todays Managers for Tomorrow’. He spoke about the Man and the Robots. He guided the students about their roles and responsibilities to be discharged in future.-

The last speaker for first day was Mr. Santosh Talghatti who is the Management Consultant. His topic was ‘Change Management for Successful Results in Digital Technology’.  He spoke about the need for Change Management and guided students as to how to be successful in the era of Digital Technology.

The second Day, Friday, 16th February, 2018 started with the speech of Mr. Sumit Bulakh, Associate Manager, Accenture, Pune. His topic was ‘Human Interaction and Digitalization’. He spoke about the need and importance of Human Interaction in the world of Digitalization.

The last speaker of the conference was Prof. S .K. Verma. His topic was ‘Global Trends in Information Technology’. Through his speech, he acquainted the students with varying Global Trends in Information Technology as on today and he also predicted some future trends. He discussed about Distributor Denial of Service Attack, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Autonomous Cars. 

Art of Blissful Living - FDP conducted by Oshodhara at Suryadatta

9 1  9 2 Suryadatta espouses the firm belief that a genius is not born but created, so long as the right conducive environment is nurtured. In keeping with this belief, Faculty Development Programs are conducted for the faculty to unleash their latent talents and to inspire them in recognizing, tapping as well as utilizing their full potential.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes recently organized a Faculty Development Program “Art of Blissful Living” conducted by Oshodhara. The program was conducted by Swami KundKundji on behalf of “OSHO”. It was assisted by Mrs. Bora and her son Mr.Vishal Bora from Kolhapur.

Prof Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya inaugurated the programme and welcomed the esteemed speakers.  This week long program highlighted several methods of blissful living and essentially covered various aspects of “Anand Pragya” and “Samadhi Pragya”

Anand Pragya encompassed the basics of blissful living through the eightfold path of Lord Buddha. The main topics covered included positive thinking, Anger management, Right Action, Right living and right commitment. The practical sessions of Dhyan and meditation and experience sharing session were very beneficial.

Samadhi Pragya covered various forms of yoga and its practical application. Some of the participants gave a commitment to adopt yoga Panch Vrata including non-violence, vegetarianism,  non-proliferation in the future.

The overall contents of the programme were highly absorbing and definitely beneficial to all the faculty members.  The contents will definitely help in achieving the individual goals of the participants as well as the organizational goals. The event enabled spiritual development of all the participants.

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya participation in 7th Sakal Educon - Annual Conference on Higher Education at Dubai, From 16th to 19th September, 2011

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Sakal Media Group organized EDUCON in Dubai from 16th to 19th September, 2011. Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya – Founder President and Chairman- Suryadatta Group of Institutes participated in the same.

The audience for the Educon was a propitious mix of policy makers and implementing authorities such as Vice Chancellors of Universities, Directors of leading institutions, Heads of deemed Universities, leading Industry professionals.

The highlights of this annual conference was - Interaction with Dubai Education Cluster, Interaction between High Profile Educationists and Industry Delegates, and Interaction with key Policy makers from India.

It was based on a theme of Innovative Practices in Universities: The road map for inclusive growth of the nation. During the conference the following topics were essentially included-

  • Involvement of Stake Holders in building up University Syllabus.

  • Policy making by involving Stake Holders.

  • Quality Vs Quantity of students and faculties : How to strike a balance.

  • Employability Quotient of our student product.

  • Integration of skill development and vocational; Education in collegiate stream.

  • Integrated Vocational and technical education.

  • Encouraging and rewarding self-research / patenting / copy rights / Inventions for new generation scientists and researchers.

  • Models of PPP in the sector of Higher Education.

The event was placed in the context of today’s prevalent realities. We live today in knowledge age. The world is split into a bipolar existence according to the digital divide. Success in any field presupposes a very good grasp of the various aspects & applications of technology. EDUCON 2011 was all about exploring new horizons of academic brilliance in the knowledge age.

The conference was held in nine sessions with Union human resources development minister Kapil Sibbal and Bharat Forge chairman and managing director Baba Kalyani holding an interaction with participating vice chancellors (VCs) during the first session.

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya also chaired a session which had prominent speakers.

It was a readymade platform for direct communication with tremendous impact with a focused niche and very powerful audience. The platform provided enormous opportunities to enforce views in the collective conscious of all the people who matter in one shot!

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