Suryadatta awarded certificates to coolie for successfully completing the course of elementary level of spoken English- conducted by Suryadatta Faculty at Railway Station

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Suryadatta’s is conducting various social Initiatives for the sake of society. One of them conducted in the month of November and December 2014 is a Spoken English elementary level.

Under Suryadatta’s this Initiative, Few faculties of Suryadatta along with Students Volunteers were conducting classes at Pune Railway Station, for the porters for ‘Spoken English’ (Elementary Level). The classes were conducted for two batches, each batch of 40 porters. The purpose was to facilitate communicationbetween the coolies at Railway station and foreign passengers, passengers of North-East India, Southern India who are poor in Hindi Communicatio. At the end of the course, which was based on the input-given by Pune Railaway station Manager Shri Patil, a written exam was conducted and 18 coolies cleared the exam.

A special workshop of 4 hours of Mumbai ka Dabbawala was held for all the students of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, at its Bavdhan Campus. This workshop was attended by the porters also. Mr. Raghunath Medge, President of Dabbawala Association explained the history of the organization (nearly 150 years old), objective, working methodology, organization structure, policies, rules and regulations etc. he told the precision with which they work, the sense of discipline, touch of ‘Being Human’ during the work etc. this workshop was attended by Pune Railway Station Coolies along with the students of Suryadatta.

After the workshop was over the coolies who cleared the written exam of “Elementary Level of Spoken English’ were awarded the certificate of Merit for successful completion of the course of Elementary level Spoken English, at he hand of Mr. Raghunath Medge: President NMTSA. Mr. Medge said that he has gone to no any Educational Institutes so far for ‘Mumbai Ka Dabbawala’ Workshp but has never seen such awreness of Social Responsibility anywhere. Mr. Sandeep Khardekar, General Secretary  BJP who was present in the workshop as Chief Guest applauded the work of Suraydatta Institutes. He said Suryadatta is not only producing tomorrow’s corporate leaders only but sculpting our find human beings of each & every student through its social initiative.

Mr. Babaji Khandu Dhore, the porter of Pune Railway Station (Badge no. 206) spoke on behalf of all the porters who took advantage of this course. He expressed his feelings of gratitude. He said in the morning when I say ‘Good Morning’ to my children or ask them ‘ How are your studying in the school?’ when they return from the school, the children feel proud of their father. Because of better communication and that too in English, passenger comfort level ahs gone up and they give good monetary reward also. He requested Dr. Chordiya, President of Suryadatta Group of Institute to conduct next level course in near future.

This was a unique occasion of confluence of one class of labour (Dabbawala) with another (Railway Porters). ‘Dignity the name is Labor’

Suryadatta Defining 'Women Empowerment' by orgnizing Bakery Workshop for Rural women & forming 'Self Help Group'

Women Empowerment

Suryadatta Group of Institutes in past 17 years has made a niche for itself as one of the leading organization in education sector. Its awareness towards CSR is exemplary. Suryadatta Group of Institutes has organized multiple special programs for women empowerment & thousands of women from the deprived class of society are benefitted by it, by being financially independent. Some of the programs organized by Suryadatta for women are ‘ Tailoring & Fashion Designing’, ‘Making of 36 types of Spices’, ‘ Jam & Jelly making classes’, ‘ Jewellary Designing classes, Basic IT Classes, Health Checkup Camps, for women of rural areas etc. These programs have proven as a blessing for the women as many of them have formed the self help groups or have become individual entrepreneur. Some of them have gone for an 
employment as a skilled worker in respective industry sector. On 29th November 2014, Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, 
SCHMTT, organized full day workshop with practicals, on Bakery for women of Bavdhan Budruk village, as the college is situated in that village. The response to the workshop was highly encouraging and 20 women got detail training on baking of cookies, bread & cakes of different types.

While inaugurating the workshop Mrs. Sushama Chordiya, Secretary of Suryadatta Group of Institutes and the brain behind CSR activities, told the participants that it is very essential for women, especially from rural areas, to be financially independent to enhance their family status in the society and their own status in family. Today is an era of equality of genders but still there is a lot of injustice with & atrocities on women especially in rural & backward areas. If the women from such areas become financially independent, they would be powerful & the society will look upon them with respect which they deserve.Certificates of completion of Bakery workshop for basic skills in Baking were awarded to all the participants by Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutes. He gave ‘Mantra of Magic’ to these participants. He told them not to underestimate the women power. They are not only mother, wife & sister but now entrepreneurs also. The step taken by womenkind to get professionally skilled has taken them to higher level than men. He said every housewife is the ‘Best Manager’ of each family, as she manages finances, social & family responsibilities which man alone can never handle.Mrs. Vandana Malhotra, Principal, Suryadatta College Of Hospitality Management, proposed vote of thanks and reaffirmed institute’s commitment by promising the participants to organize a higher level of Bakery workshop for the same participants, as requested by them in near future. Mrs. Sheetal Dagade, one of the participants told other participants that this workshop has opened ‘Trinity’ options for them. To get a job in bakery, to start self business or to make a group & take this hobby on professional level. Another participant Mrs. Deepali Sutar, quipped, “This workshop has given me the key of winning appreciation of my family members as I will feed them now with homemade cookies & cakes. Really, the way of love to heart is through stomach.”

Suryadatta Group of Institutes organized Free Health Check and Blood Donation Camp on Monday 7th November,2011 from Morning 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM.

 Every year Suryadatta Group of Institutes conducts Blood Donation Camp / Health Awareness program in theirall group institutes as a part of Edu -Socio Initiative. Suryadatta Group of Institutes is keen on undertaking various social and human initiatives for the betterment of the society and life in general. Suryadatta in consultation with renowned eye specialist and diabetes specialists organized a free health check up camp & 2nd Blood Donation Camp in this semester.

It was merely not just the check up camp, but was supported by awareness sessions on the relevant topic. The camp was conducted on Monday 7th November, 2011 at Mhatre Bridge Campus, Pune between 9 am to 2 pm at Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Bavdhan Campus Survey Number 342, Patilnagar, Behind DSK Ranwara, near Lalani Quantum Bawdhan, Pune 21.

The Health Camp comprised of:

Heath Camp ActivitiesNo. of Participants
Eye Care & Awareness Seminar 130
Diabetes Check Up 270
Blood Donation
@90 bottles collected with 52 students donated blood

Dr. Madhusudan Jhamwar, renowned eye specialist and social worker addressed the audience on the topic of “The Eye Care awareness”. He mentioned about How to take Care of Eyes, Precautionary Measures, awareness tips & importance of Eye Donation. He also gave power point presentation.

Dr. Abhay Mutha renowned diabetologist delivered a speech on the diabetes diagnosis prevention, care, awareness & precautionary measures to prevent diabetes etc.

The camp was held in the presence of Founder President & Chairman, Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya who guided the volunteers and expressed his views on the “ Edu – Socio Connect”, Unique initiatives of Suryadatta Education Foundation.

Students from all campuses of Suryadatta Students, parents of students, Faculty & staff of Suryadatta group were present in large numbers for the said program. Senior citizens from “ Matoshri” and parents were also present on the special invitation as the topic of the seminars were apt for them also. People from nearby societies were also present for the program. This camp proved to be a tool for building awareness & positive approach towards health amongst all the members present for the camp and inculcated social spirit / awareness among the young budding managers.

This was the second blood donation camp arranged in the span of last 3 months. @ 52 students / faculty members donated their blood on 7th November 2011.

All the doctors, their team members appreciated the efforts taken by the institute and their students.

Blood Donation Camp organized by Students of Suryadatta on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

 The students of Suryadatta, Bavdhan Campus organized Voluntary Blood Donation Camp on occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti at Suryadatta’s Bavdhan Campus on 2nd October 2011. This drive was organized keeping in mind our corporate social responsibility and tradition.

The blood donation camp was very well received with faculty members as well as students who participated in this camp. All the students were very enthusiastic about the camp. The blood was first tested for the required hemoglobin levels and then the donors were allowed to donate their blood. Trained professional from Poona Hospital were present for the camp. They first checked the vital signs of the donors and then started the blood donation drive. There were 34 bottles of blood collected. The blood was donated to Poona Hospital Blood Bank. Mr. & Mrs. Dilip Navlakkha were present as chief guests on this occasion, along with Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutes and Mrs. Sushma Chordiya, Vice President, Suryadatta Group of Institutes.

The camp was held at the Bavdhan Campus on Sunday, 2nd October 2011, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Suraydatta has been holding such camps regularly from the last 7 years. Such camps are aimed at educating students on the crucial need for healthy voluntary blood donors, the absolute safety of the process of donating blood and the noble action of saving lives through voluntary blood donation.

Khasdar, Supriyatai Sule guides and promotes the Financial Independence for women, an initiative of Suryadatta Group of Institutes in Association with Shiv Shakti Tarun Mandal.

 The women Reservation Bill is still not being passed by the Parliament and it still lies under a cloud of debate, but this is not deterrent for Rashtravadi Congress Youth leaders and female members, who have initiated various programs for the rural women without taking financial aid from the government.

Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Group Of Institutes, Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya has played a major role in organizing short courses in fashion technology for these women, in various locations in Pune and also dedicating staff from Suryadatta for the courses. Bavdhan Budruk, is a small village just on the outskirts of Pune. Though it is now considered a part of Pune City with its high rise buildings, townships etc., and this development is being limited to the people with financial status. The locals are still deprived of good facilities and jobs, with many leading a hand to mouth existence. This scenario has led President , Youth Rashtravadi Congress, Pune and Panchayat Member (Bavdhan Bk) member Shri Kiran Dagade to start free tailoring and fashion technology classes for women in Bavdhan in association with Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT). Till now at least 500 women have benefited from this initiative.

As a culmination of this course the women had held an exhibition of clothes tailor by them on the 20th July, 2011, at Suryadatta Bavdhan Campus. This exhibition was blessed by the presence of Khasdar Supriyatai Sule. On this occasion she explained the benefits and importance of packaging & finishing. Supriyatai Sule also requested all the eminent personalities who were present to provide these ladies with opportunities for the sale of their goods. She also touched a very sensitive topic of female feticide & infanticide and explained the need to stop and oppose these practices.

On this occasion Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya explained all the various edu -socio activities which have been started for women by Suryadatta Institutes. Shri Kiran Dagade also announced the forthcoming courses for ladies like making beauty products & spices, before thanking all the dignitaries present.

Also present on this occasion were Savitabai Dagade (Z.P President), Shri Babanrao Dagade (ex-Sarpanch), Vaishali Kamble (Sarpanch), Bavdhan Budruk. The program ended with a thought that such programs should be started in every village so that we can become the India which Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of.

Suryadatta plays mentor to Rickshaw Drivers and Housewives
  •     Completes its 2nd Batch of Free English speaking & Computer awareness programme for Auto Rickshaw Drivers & Housewives
  •     Felicitation ceremony organised on the occasion of completion of 2nd batch in English learning & computer skills at Sahitya Parishad, Tilak Road, 11 am
  •     On the completion of course certification given to all 80 Auto Drivers and housewives.
  •     Felicitation done at the hands of Shri Baba Adhav, President of Rickshaw Panchayat & Shri Jayant Umranikar, former Pune Police commissioner
  •     Next batch of 80 Rickshaw Drivers to commence from Saturday, July 9, 2011 for six months

 Learning is an ongoing process, which has nothing to do with age. Whether you are four or you are forty, you are always keen to learn something new. Drawing inspiration from this, Suryadatta had launched its 2nd batch of English speaking & Computer awareness programs offered voluntarily to Auto Rickshaw Drivers & Housewives free of cost.

This training programme for a batch of 80 persons, comprising 40 auto rickshaw drivers and 40 housewives started in January 2011 and completed successfully on June 24, 2011.

On this occasion, Mr Sanjay Chordiya, Chairperson, Suryadatta Group of Institutes, said, “In the 21st century, knowledge of English and to be able to converse in English is a necessity rather than the need of time. The response to the programme was tremendous from both rickshaw-drivers and housewives and we are awarding certificates to 80 candidates of this programme.”

Certificates were distributed to those who have successfully completed the programme at the hands of Shri Baba Adhav, President of Rickshaw Panchayat & Shri Jayant Umranikar, former Pune Police commissioner and Shri Deepak Shikarpur, who were present as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

Shri Jayant Umranikar said, “Women are the backbone of family system yet their education remains neglected most of the time. Now days English has become common language for communication. Dr Sanjay Chordiya has always been ahead in undertaking such social initiatives. This initiative by an education institute will help our society go ahead and keep pace with time.”

Shri Baba Adhav said, “Rickshaw drivers always aspire to learn these skills but most of the times cannot make it either due to financial or time constraints, or even both. But by offering these courses free of charge, Suryadatta has not only provided a helping hand to them but also awakened their learning spirit. I congratulate Suryadatta for this innovative and useful activity.”

Shri Deepak Shikarpur said, “With globalization everything is becoming high tech” English speaking and Computer learning is the need of the hour. And hence Suryadatta started this initiative of offering this training to various communities of society in a row. Suryadatta is getting overwhelming response to it.

A housewife is life and blood of the family. Her role in the family is as same as the heart and brain in the human body. A learned and trained housewife can bring in health, happiness, soundness and satisfaction to the family in all the respects and facets of life. One such family into many such families will go a long way in building a developed society and nation. Suryadatta has taken one such initiative to train and impart learning to this vital element of the society.
Contents of the course were as follows,

The English Speaking course comprised of:

1. Basic Grammar
2. Words and Sentences formation for daily usage
3. Writing English with different situational examples
4. How to speak clearly so that the other person understands

While the IT/ Computer skills course comprised of:

1. Introduction to computers
2. MS office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, Notepad, Calculator, Calendar
3. Basic Usage of computers for office and home

In the past, Suryadatta has trained more than 2000 school children, 120 Auto Rickshaw Drivers, 500 women and 100 senior citizens. Senior citizens started communicating with their children abroad with the help of knowledge of Computer, Internet and English language. They also started talking to their grand children’s in English, which was up till then little difficult for them.

Auto rickshaw drivers who completed the training in first batch, are now working as a guide to the passengers coming to Pune, and can communicate with them in English. Taking inspiration from them, the second batch had enrolled prior to completion of the training program of first batch itself. And on completion of first batch, second batch followed immediately.

Suryadatta celebrated Womens Day in truly international way

Tailoring and Fashion Designing education at Suryadatta Group of Institutes were felicitated to mark this occasion. Generally the Diploma in fashion designing takes one year to complete but at Suryadatta, these 200 women completed it in just two months, that too free of cost. They did it from Monday to Sunday, 3 to 4 hours daily.  Mrs. Rajeshwari Deshpande, an experienced faculty from Suryadatta trained the ladies in Hand Embroidery, Fashion Designing, Ladies Garments stitching and all kind of stitching from Infants to grandmothers.  Stitching is taught first on Papers and then on material, more focus being on paper cutting and stitching on paper.

The course was conducted in Dhankawadi and the next course is starting from 10th March in Suryadatta’s Bavdhan Campus for the women in that area.  These ladies received formal certification and an exhibition of more than 200 stitching patterns done by them, has been organized in Durvankur Hall Dhankawadi. This  Felication was done at the hands of Pramila Sankala, Leading Social worker, Ms.Savita Dagade, Jillha Parishad Sabhapati and  Mr.Kiran Dagade, NCP Youth Congress Vice President Pune.

Students from PIAT pledged their support to Shri Anna Hazare Janlokpal Movement

It was a great opportunity for our students to pledge their support to to Shri Anna Hazare’s “Janlokpal Movement” through a visit to his native “ Ralegaon Siddhi”.

Students of Suryadatta Education Foundation’s PIAT – pursuing Interior Designing course went on a field trip to Shri Anna Hazare’s Ralegan Siddhi to visit the “Ideal Village” on the 18th August, 2011.

Around 200 students and 6 faculty members from PIAT went on this field trip. Students first visited the “Information Center”, checked the awards received by Shri. Anna Hazare and the development in progress in the village. They also visited the “Padmavati Mandir”. Students visited the “Yadavbaba Mandir” where Shri Anna Hazare currently resides.

This excursion helped the students to know about the “Ideal Village” project and they could learn more about Shri Anna Hazare and his movement to fight corruption.

All students who visited Ralegaon Siddhi were highly motivated to support the movement of Shri Anna Hajare and were talking high to fight against corruption. Students from PIAT pledged their support to Shri Anna Hazare’s “Janlokpal Movement” and also expressed their opinions to the various media representatives present.

Seminar for educating people to oppose and stop Female foeticide arranged by Suryadatta Group of Institutes

A seminar for educating people to oppose & stop Female foeticide was arranged by Suryadatta Group of Institutes in association with Dhankawadi , Maharashtra Navnirman Sena on the 25 July 2011 at Usha Palace,  Dhankawadi, Teen hatti Chowk, Pune.

This event was attended by Executive Editor General Secretary, Maharashtra NavNirman Sena Shri. Anil Shidore, Actress Usha Chavhan, Founder President & Chairman of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, Prabhag Samiti President Shri Vasant More, Sandip Mohite Patil, Jyoti Konde, Sudhir Nivgune and Vishal Thopte.

The chief guest for this seminar was renowned social Worker Smt. Sindhutai Sapkal, who expressed her thoughts on this topic saying that the world is changing rapidly and the women have to face all the challenges with a brave heart. She said that father evokes fear while a mother evokes pain. She also said that girls should not expose as it does not fit into our Indian culture. A thought put forward was that a girl is more patient and can take hardships better than a boy and urged all present not to underestimate women. She also said that we cannot take our generation forward without women, so if there are no women there wont be anyone in the world.

Prof. Dr Sanjay Chordiya also spoke on this occasion. He stated that the boy:girl ratio is 1000:800 which is a very alarming scenario. He gave examples of Smt. Sindhutai Sapkal, Kalpana Chawla, women who have made us proud and said that with such examples in front of us thinking about female feticide is certainly not acceptable. He said that for the complete development of our nation it is necessary that women from our nation give birth to children and teach them to become good and responsible citizens.

Since this has been the hot topic of the day and its awareness has become the need of the hour, Suryadatta supported this initiative of MNS. Suryadatta has successfully completed  programs to enable women to become financially independent like Fashion design Courses, Beauty Parlour courses. Suryadatta is currently conducted classes for women where they are taught to create 36 various spices.
This awareness program was attended by over 1000 women.

Donate Blood to Gift Life

Suryadatta Group of Institutes organizes Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of International Teacher’s Day

Pune, October 10, 2012: Suryadatta Group of Institutes organized blood donation camps on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti Celebration Week. These camps were organized at Bavdhan and Sadashiv Peth Campus of Suryadatta Group of Institutes which collected 120 bottles of blood. These camps were organized to meet the ever increasing need for blood. It aimed at spreading awareness on the importance of blood donation and how every drop of blood donated can save lives.

The camp organized at Bavdhan was in association with Poona Hospital & Research Centre       (Rakesh Jain Memorial Blood Bank) which collected 72 bottles of blood from students and faculty. At Sadashiv Peth campus, the camp was organized in association with Lata Mangeshkar Medical Foundation’s Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre which collected 47 bottles. Over hundreds of enthusiastic students along with faculty members came forward voluntarily to support this noble initiative. This was a day long program wherein every donor donated blood after passing through preliminary medical tests like BP, HB, weight-check etc.

Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutes having himself donated for this cause, appreciated participation by students and faculty members. He commented, “Blood is the lifeline of mankind and blood donation is a noble cause to be associated with. We thank all the participants for their contribution towards this cause. Our institute will continue to be associated with such humanitarian causes.”
For the past seven years, Suryadatta Group of Institutes has been conducting blood donation camps in Pune twice a year and plans to continue taking such initiatives in the years to come.

About Suryadatta Group of Institutes

The 14 year old Suryadatta Group of Institute caters to a holistic approach to teaching that lays great amount of emphasis upon the student's intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and spiritual quotient, through a wide array of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With its vision to be a world class centre of excellence in innovative learning, Suryadatta has brought in significant change by combining the best of Indian sensibilities with a western outlook. It aims to be rated amongst the premier education institute, offering contemporary education, using state-of-the art technology, spearheading high quality research.

400 students from Suryadatta Group of Institutes participate in Rice Crop Plantation organized by Vanarai

Students of Suryadatta Group of Institutes  clasp Mother Nature,  Nurtures the Nurturer

Pune, August 16, 2012: Defining education and environment as the pillars of a budding society, the Suryadatta Group of Institutes group participated in a rural socio initiative of rice crop plantation in a rural area of Vinzar, Dist Velhe close to Pune organized by Vanarai. This program is a part of Suryadatta Edu Socio Initiative where around 400 students of Management, IT and Hotel Management of the Suryadatta Group of Institutes executed this unique and enriching program of Rice Crop Plantation in association with Vanarai which offers support to farmers of the country. The students dedicatedly worked throughout the day and planted rice crop in 40 farms in a single day to help the farmers.

This initiative intended to offer support to the farmers of the district and also aimed to create a sense of social responsibility among the students of the institute. Students from Suryadatta came together to take this initiative forward and extended a helping hand to the farmers for rice plantation.

Monsoon acts as a supporting season in this environment for the growth of rice but due to lack of manpower, these farmers were unable to carry out plantation across the farms. A group of about five to seven students worked in consultation with farmers for trans plantation of rice. Farmers and the villagers were highly appreciative of the efforts by the students and were thankful to the college for the contribution.
Dr. Sanjay Chordiya, Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutes said “The youth of today are the leader of tomorrow and it is our responsibility to not only educate them but also to provide them with opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. Hence we aim to mentor and empower the youth of today to have sensitivity towards various issues arising in the society and make efforts to resolve them”
The Suryadatta Group of Institutes carries out a variety of social initiatives in the areas of environment where it actively involves its students in implementing these projects. As a socially responsible institute, the Suryadatta Group has contributed immensely in enhancing the rural socio development of the society.

As Suryadatta continues to stride ahead in realizing the aspirations of its students and its mission, they remain conscious of their responsibility towards the society. Such initiatives give them the sense of fulfillment and also enable them to make a difference in the lives of people

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