“Follow safety rules and norms to avoid accidents and extend helping hand to the victims of accidents”, appeals Police Inspector Mr. Mahesh Sartape to Suryadatta Students

Police Inspector Mr Mahesh Sartape

Poona has become the fastest growing Metro city in India. Its progressed towards becoming a full fledged smart city with accelerated speed, is a boon but has brought woos like serious traffic hazards. Development has made human beings more robotic. Our sensitivity and sentiments are becoming blunt. Mr. Sartape, Young Police Inspector of Warje Police Station brought this point to the fore in the assembly of Suryadatta’s Students. He presented the statistics of the deaths in the road accidents which are much higher than the natural deaths. 

He expressed his dissatisfaction for no use helmets by two wheeler riders and posed the question, why laws and rules are required for taking care of own safety? In fact pillion rider must use the helmet as in most of the two wheeler accidents, casualties are of pillion riders. He explained to the students that the growth of the vehicle population is alarming and therefore the infrastructural facilities such as Ambulance, Traffic police etc. find it difficult to cope up with the pressure of the work. He lauded the efforts of Suryadatta’s management in molding its students as a better human beings. He said, therefore it is must for Suryans to pledge that they would extend the helping hand to the victims of accidents instead of being mere spectators or the photographers at the accident spot. The major cause of two wheeler accidents is rash driving by the youth. He advised students to avoid rash driving because usually it results into crash. He also appealed the students to use the social media with the sense of responsibility and use this technology for generating and spreading positive messages in the society. 

He and his colleague, Mr. Deepak Katale screened a movie titled “Helping hands” which made huge impact on the young minds of Suryadatta Students and staff alike. The film was about a family wherein birthday celebration of the only Son is on. They decide to go for a movie to mark the occasion. The son goes ahead on the two wheeler to book the tickets of the movie and rest of the family follows in the car. On his way to theatre hall the son meets with an accident and lies in the pool of blood, when the family’s car passes from the scenario, an old man from the crowd of the spectators, appeals to help him to take the victim to the hospital to save his life. 

But the family declines as they are getting late for the movie and also has apprehension of upholstery getting spoiled due to blood stains of the victim. They did not see that the victim was their own son. After reaching to the theatre they find the son was nowhere in the sight and get the phone call of the unknown person from their son’s mobile that their son was in the hospital due to accident on the road and swinging between death and life. They rush to the hospital and find that doctors have managed to save the life of their son. As they begin to thank the team of doctors, for saving the life of their son, the doctors advise the family to thank the person who brought their bleeding son on time in the hospital and tell them, had that angle be not there they have lost their son forever. The moment they turn towards that helping hand, they realize that the person was nobody but the old man who was appealing to every by-passer of the car to help the victim of the accident without being related to the victim. The family overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt and shame pledges themselves of being helpful in the road accidents.

The presentation of the film was extremely emotional, technically almost flawless and acting wise superb. The film was produced, directed and acted by Mr. Mahesh Sartape himself. 

At the end of his address he narrated a story of a small girl who was trying to save starfishes washed away at the seashore. He said even such small gesture elevates a Human being to the status of an Angle.

On behalf of Suryadatta Students, Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman, Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune  thanked and promised Mr. Mahesh Sartape, Police Inspector that Suryadatta Students will be in forefront in following the traffic rules and helping the victims of the accidents.


“Catch the right opportunity in life, never give up” said – Mr. Manish Gupta renowned Motivational Speaker to over 300 MBA & other courses Students


Manish Gupta session

Mr. Manish Gupta, who is beacon light to his followers and acknowledged business and life coach; recently conducted life skill session at Suryadatta Institute of Management, 300 MBA & other students were present.

Prof.Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya while introducing the Mr. Manish Gupta to students said that he is family member of Suryadatta Group. The lessons shared by him about his own experiences in the life will be of great importance to the students as they too can become wiser from such experiences. He further announced that Mr. Manish Gupta will interact with Suryadatta students more frequently so as to add sparkle in their journey towards being successful professional.

Mr. Manish Gupta was participating in the workshop, “Junoon- adding Enthusiasm in our lives and effective goal setting”.

During his address he unveiled the myriad experiences of his life and explained the students how he was educated and enlightened from each experience to raise the bar for achieving next objective of his life. He asked the students if he could do so and become a successful person why not each of the students follow the same suit?

Confidence and Hard-Work are the required characteristics for success. Only in the dictionary, the word PROFIT comes before WORK. In real life Profit always comes after Work that too Hard-Work. While facing the challenge it should be faced with smile as smile make things easier. Smile is master key to unlock the door of the journey towards success. We are blessed just only with one life and whatever we have to perform is to be performed NOW only. Wherever there are gaps in life, fill them up, you will be the force to be reckoned with. Everything can happen in life second time or many times except the Time. Cycle of the time can not be reversed by anyone. You are the owner of your own time. You have to take the responsibility of each minute spent and utilized by you. It is your future’s ownership and it is 100% yours. Those who take such ownership in their hands, never blame others or find the excuses for the failures. Time management is nothing but life management. Therefore do not allow the time to sleep away from your fist and get it wasted. Inculcate the habit of reaching your goal IN Time and not ON Time.

He also stressed to have lots of enthusiasm and determination while chasing our goal. Energy leads to enthusiasm and enthusiasm leads to vibrancy. He quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing great was ever achieved in life without enthusiasm.”

He further explained the Growth Cycle in the life of professional personality. The Growth Cycle is divided in the four phases. The first phase is Learning phase. He advised the students to choose the first company of their career where they can learn a lot. Leaning phase is followed by the Leadership phase. The leadership phase can be lived well if one has leaned well. Then comes the Risk phase. Risk taking ability is proportionate to the leadership ability and Success is proportionate to the magnitude of the risk. However he cautioned that it not be blind risk. Risk phase leads to Wealth phase, both materialistic and spiritual.

After his lecture the students interacted with him. Many of them asked him how to get rid of inferiority complex or stage fright. He advised students not to run away from their weaknesses but to face them boldly. He told them to develop a positive, ‘Who cares?’ attitude (on others reaction). Students extracted a promise from Mr. Manish Gupta for his more visits to boost their morals during their this phase of life which is on threshold between Learning and Leadership.

“Whatever  you do in your life, do with passion and do not underestimate any work. Success will be at your door step” says Mr. Medge President of Mumbai Dabbawala Association, to more that thousand students of Suryadatta


Mr. R. D. Medge, President of Mumbai Dabbawala Association and his team members visited Suryadatta Group of Institute Bavdhan, Pune to conduct the Seminar on “Secrets of zero error in the Logistic Management by Mumbai Dabbawala”. The seminar was attended by more than a thousand students of Management Study Program.

While introducing the Dabbawala Association, Prof.Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya informed the students that Mr. R. D. Medge and his team members are a like part of the big Suryadatta family and almost every year they are visiting Suryadatta Institute during the induction program to acquaint the students about their Functioning. He further said to the response thunderous applause that Mumbai Dabbawala’s are not delivering the Dabbas but happiness both to the giver and receiver of the Dabbas.

While Interacting with students Mr. Medge; the President of Mumbai Dabbawala Association unveiled the secrets of Success in simple words. He said, the Founder of this Association had started this work with passion and devotion. Success follows those who never underestimate any work and devote themselves to their Goal.

During his Keynote Address, he informed the students that Mumbai Dabbawala Association is 125 years old and could continue with huge success because of their unique coding system. The Coding is not only for Dabbas but the Dabbawalas are also identified by a “Tilak” on their forehead, Gandhi cap on their head and Tulsibeads mala chain around their neck.

The daily delivery and return transactions are approximately 4 lakhs and the maximum error ratio is 1 to 8 million. This is what required for being Six Sigma Organization. The average academic qualification of Dabbawala is 8th Standard and they work for 9 to 10 hours per day. Their hard work, discipline, punctuality, unity and co-ordination are the characteristics which has made this organization a unique one in the world in spite of low level of their education and medium economic standards.

The organization is now 5000 Dabbawalas. The Mumabi Dabbawala Association is worldwide acclaimed and has received many numerous accolades from presidents, princes and high dignitaries across the world.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. N.C. Sethia who told the students that Mumbai Dabbawala Association is itself an university for studying Supply Chain and Logistic Management. He appealed to the Management faculty students that they must do the casestudy of Functioning of Mumbai Dabbawala Association and a Few of them would be selected by Dabbawala during their summer project.

Suryadatta’s Industry-Institute-Initiative- visited JNPT- Mumbai- The largest container port in India


Minimum 50% of practical Knowledge should be part of Academics says Prof. Dr. S. B. Chordiya to develop Globally Ready Professionals.

Suryadatta Institutes of Management, Bavdhan, Pune, organized Industrial visit for on 14th December 2015 to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), Mumbai as a part of their Edu-Socio Cultural Initiative & Industry Institute Interface Initiative.

The students were accompanied Senior faculty members of Suryadatta Group of Institutes. 

Students were given detailed information regarding the activities undergone at the Port right from receiving the material from concerned Organizations till dispatch of material to the concerned country and the formalities and procedures undergone before final dispatch.  Students were informed that Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust is the biggest container handling port in India whose major area of operation is to cater to the Container and Cargo Handling at the sea port. It was explained as to how the port is committed in meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and the nation by equipping itself with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Also the various documentations involved in export and import like packing list, Letter of Credit, List of goods etc. were discussed in detail.

Brief description was also given regarding the following terminals of the port:

  • JNPCT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Container Terminal)
  • NSICT (Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal)
  • GTI (Gateway Terminals India)
  • BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.)

Students also interacted with the Technical team members of the port who gave complete insight as to what all options are open for students who are interested to work in international business sector and how to go about it. 

While coming out of the port Students were shown the building of Jawaharlal Nehru Custom house from outside where all custom issues etc. are handled. 

Suryadatta Group gives such kind of multiple and practical exposure to students while taking them for various industrial visits which is a part of their daily curriculum.  These visits also help them to gain practical knowledge as compared to theoretical knowledge and enhances them to increase their confidence level.  It also helps them to make up their mind in selecting their choice of sector for their future prospects.


Marissa G, Member of Rotary International visits Suryadatta on occasion of celebrating Suryadattas Rotract Clubs, Bavdhan Campus Second Foundation Year

21 1

Enlightens students on “GLOBAL TECH TRENDS”

  • At a talk to Suryadatta business school students, Marissa G. who is in India on behalf of Rotary International from Chicago, spoke on “GLOBAL TECH TRENDS”.

  • She identified 3 trends - “Cloud computing”, “E-Commerce and Mobile Applications”, and “User Experience Design”

Marissa G. spoke about the work life in American corporations, with laptops complemented by the iPad and the moving of all data from the PC to the cloud for accessing from anywhere via the Smartphone and iPad. She highlighted the importance of good verbal English communication skills needed during videoconferencing among global team members. It is important to have good communication skills as there is the need for quick and prompt responses in all business situations while dealing with geographically dispersed colleagues and business partners.

At the occasion Marissa G., member of Rotary International from Chicago said, “Almost all major IT companies are already offering certain products and services over the cloud and a Gartner report mentions that by 2015 20% of non-IT Global 500 companies will be cloud service providers. So vast is the market for these innovative delivery platforms.”

Marissa G. also talked about QRcodes (Quick Response Codes). She pointed out that QRcodes are becoming pervasive and all businesses are getting QR (Quick Response) codes for easier tracking in various apps especially to facilitate e-commerce. In US for a product you capture the picture of a QRcode and competitor’s prices for identical products are flashed so the shopper can choose quickly. With augmented reality applications, by 2015 companies will generate 50% web sales through social presence and mobile applications.

She remarked that soon ‘User Experience Design’ will be critical as the website which is easy to use will be the one you will revisit. Ninety percent corporate applications will be supported on personal devices like mobiles and iPads. All this will encourage collaboration and communication with others to increase knowledge and understanding.

A collaborative work style with use of E-groups to keep oneself updated on the latest happenings in your domain and an integrated access to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter was stressed. Before any meeting these resources are used to be better prepared for the business interaction. Keeping oneself updated with using the latest technology was illustrated by the example of how she realized that iPad opened a whole new world to her when she started using it after seeing that even older colleagues had mastered how to use it!

Presentation by Mumbai Dabbawala on the occasion of Teachers Day at Suryadatta

22 1 On 5th September, Teachers Day was celebrated in a unique way, by organizing presentation by “Mumbai Dabbawallas”. The president of Navi Mumbai Dabbawalla Association Mr. Raghunath Medge  and the Vice President Mr. Gangaram Talekar & Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman, Suryadatta Education foundation Started the programme by lighting of the lamp & pooja of the “Dabba”.

While guiding the students Mr. Talekar, explained how the 5000 illiterate people work & provide tiffins to 2 lakh people everyday including students, employees & businessmen from last 120 years without a single day holiday or strike. Mr. Medge also explained the visit of Prince Charles to see the working of Mumbai Dabbawalas. He also put down the facts that “Mumbai Dabbawallas” have got various certifications like ISO, 6 Sigma without even giving a formal application. He explained the management practices of “Mumbai Dabbawalla” which are now being taught at various institutions, B-Schools, Seminars etc. Mr. Medge also explained the importance of their work saying that this is done with the intention of serving the people. He also stated that delivering the food prepared is not a simple task.

During the vote of thanks, Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman, Suryadatta Education foundation asked them to share their emotional experiences which were then well put by Mr. Medge.

The program which lasted for nearly 90 minutes was very well received by the students who got information on topics like team work, time management, integrity towards work, supply chain management, organization behavior etc. A thought put forth by Mr. Medge “We owe something back to the society, hence we should always keep on doing some social work” touched one and all. This program was held in S.M.Joshi Hall, Pune at 10:00am.

Victory comes to those who believe in themselves, said Mir Ranjan Negi at Suryadatta event

26 1 The one-act play by Mir Ranjan Negi titled- ‘Gloom to Glory’ is based on the real life story of Mr Negi. The event- Asian Games 1982, in which he was wrongly accused of match-fixing, which turned his life upside down overnight, is the crux of the play. The emotional turmoil which he subsequently underwent and finally came out of it has been brilliantly portrayed by Mr Negi.

From this one-act play, Mr Negi sends a strong message to youngsters these days who easily succumb to pressures and commit suicide. “It was not easy for me, but I did not stop believing in myself and began worked even harder after that. My family and closest friends stood by me throughout this ordeal and supported me.”

Padma Shri MS. Sheetal Mahajan enlightened Suryadatta students and Rotarians with her adventurous journey on the Occasion of International Womens Day

31 1 Suryadatta Group of Institutes always appreciates the unique achievements of stalwarts from the different fields. One such celebrity Ms. Sheetal Mahajan, who has many world records to her credit made her presence to Suryadatta campus on the occasion of International Women’s Day. She has recently been conferred Padma Shri Award.

Suryadatta Group of Institutes and Rotary Club of Pune Gandhi Bhavan, felicitated Ms. Sheetal Mahajan for her exemplary adventurous world Record in the field of Para Jumping. Suryadatta award trophy was presented to her for excellence in the field of Sports.

She shared her adventurous journey during from her childhood days till being the receipient of Padma Shri. Her daring courage, dedication to wards the activities which she chose on her own, and her determination really inspired all the students, faculty and non teaching staff members of Suraydatta, who attended the function..

On the occasion, Prof. Dr. Sanjay Chordiya mentioned to the students that if they follow the tips given by Sheetal Mahajan, they will also become leaders in the respective field in the competitive Corporate world.

Mr. Suresh Katta was felicitated by Outstanding NRI Entrepreneur Award by Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune

Pune, 9th Oct, 2012 : Mr. Suresh Katta, Chairman Saama Technologies, was felicitated as Outstanding NRI entrepreneur, specially contributing in the field of Information Technology, IT  by Suryadatta Group of Institutes at their Bavdhan Campus, Pune.

Mr. Katta visited the Bavdhan Campus of Suryadatta, recognized as Best Integrated campus for higher studies in Pune. On this occasion Mr. Katta was felicitated at the hands of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President & Chairman, while eminent IT expert Dr. Deepak Shikarpur was present as Guest of Honor.

Academically qualified as M.S in Computer Engineering, Mr. Katta established Saama Technologies, way back in the year 1997. Mr. Katta is qualified to the task of creating and building a company that helps other business organizations to uncover the value in their operational data. Mr. Katta is living in Silicon Valley since 1982.

Suryadatta always acknowledges contribution of such entrepreneurs and today’s felicitation program was a step taken to boost his contribution in the field of Information Technology, worldwide…

On this occasion, Mr. Katta addressed the students audience pursuing various courses from Suryadatta Institutes such as AICTE approved PGDM, Pune university affiliated MBA, M.Sc- Cs programs. This session was based on the topic of “ Current Scenario in United States Economy & Its impact on Information Technology & Management Professionals.” Over 400 students enthusiastically listened to Mr. Katta..

He spoke about the database management & the opportunities for young managers in this field. He emphasized on the gap between the data& information where business analytics plays an important role. He explained the ladder of business intelligence to the students & its importance in today’s scenario.

A National Level Seminar - Role of Strategic Planning in Organizational Transformation

A National Level Seminar titled “Role of Strategic Planning in Organizational Transformation” was conducted by Suryadatta Institute of Business Management and Technology, Pune at its Bavdhan Campus under Quality Improvement Programme of University of Pune

A Two-day Pune University National Level Seminar was organized under the initiative of Suryadatta Education Foundation’s, Suryadatta Institute of Business Management and Technology, Pune recently. The theme of the Seminar was “Role of Strategic Planning in Organizational Transformation”.

Faculty & Research Scholars from different management institutions and Faculty & Students of Suryadatta Institute of Management participated in this seminar.

The program was inaugurated with customary lighting of the lamp by Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman, Suryadatta Education Foundation, Dr Tapan Chatterjee, Senior Advisor, Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, Pune, Prof. Dr.YS Vaishampayan, Director - Suryadatta Institute of Management and Mass Communication and Technology Prof. (Dr.) Pralay Kumar Ghosh, Programme Director with chanting of the Saraswati Vandana by the students of Suryadatta.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman, Suryadatta Education Foundation welcomed the participants and highlighted the needs of changing the mindset of oneself in tune with changing environment.

This was followed by the session of Dr Tapan Chatterjee who spoke on “Strategic Management - Perspectives and Concepts" citing several examples from corporate. He opined that Business is like riding a bi-cycle – Keep paddling or else it will Stop.

Mr Sanjay Runwal, Chairman, Runwal Constructions Group, Pune was the key note speaker for the seminar. While speaking on the theme of the seminar - Role of Strategic Planning in Organizational Transformation – he dwelt upon on similar concepts of transformation, namely Restructuring and Reengineering. He further highlighted the need and importance of Strategic Planning in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The post-lunch session was devoted to paper presentations by various Research Scholars.

An array of Speakers from Industry and Academics addressed the participants on second day of the Seminar. Mr Sarang Bapat, Senior Executive working in USA made a presentation on “Personal Branding” citing several examples of individual brands. Dr A R Keskar, Advisor (Management Studies), DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune, delivered a talk on “Strategic Planning for transformation of Academic Institutes”. Organisational Transformation: Beyond just another change program during turnaround, was the theme of presentation of Prof Ketan Gandhi, Reputed Management Consultant & Accredited Management Teacher.  Dr S G Bapat, Recognized Guide for PhD in Commerce and Management spoke on Values of Brand in increasing Sale of Products.

The valedictory address was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay B Chordiya, Founder President and Chairman, Suryadatta Education Foundation followed by a Vote of Thanks.

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