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Training for Competency Enhancement

  • Employability Enhancement Program
  • Communication Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Pre-placement Preparations
  • Aptitude Test & General Awareness
  • Managerial Skills
  • Computing Advance Excel Training
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • International Business

Employability Enhancement Program

Employability Enhancement Program

The Employability Enhancement Program atSuryadatta is aimed towards “CAMPUS TO CORPORATE” transition. Suryadatta conducts training whereby the experience and expertise shared would prepare the students for challenging situations that they may encounter and help ease the transition from college to workplace. Employability Enhancement Program is designed with the following objectives.

Increasing the employability skills of students along with overall corporate grooming.

Enhancing soft skills, interpersonal skills, team building.

Providing motivational training along with practical orientation that helps in career visioning and planning.

Providing communication skills, Oral and written communication, Public speaking and presentation skills.

Pre-placement preparation to make students better prepared to face Corporate World and choose right sector for themselves.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Management students need to have clear, crisp and good communication with all stake holders. Following communication skills training is imparted at Suryadatta.

-English communication including Vocabulary (10 new words/day), Accent training, Articulation, Clarity of speech and speed.

-Foreign language including Spanish/German/French.

-Public Speaking Listening skills, writing skills, communication skills for time management, 90-90 rule of communication.

We groom the students into effective communication skills by helping them to improve on power of spoken words, identifying the barriers in communication and work upon them.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the quintessential element for the growth of an individual. Effective communication and interpersonal skills play a vital role when it comes to progressing up the ladder in an organization. Suryadatta takes initiatives to hold training sessions to help aspiring students to hone their soft skills. The sessions conducted are on various topics. Specialists from industry conduct corporate grooming sessions, which provide trainings on.

-Self motivation and initiatives – Trainers address the importance aspect of – “Will is greater than skill”.

-“Rediscovering yourself”, DD Theory (deserve-Desire) and SWOT Analysis.

-Leading a quality life and career

-Building self esteem and assertive skills

-Appearance, body language, dress code and many more.

-Business Etiquette like self into styles and demos, phone / mobile / e-mail etiquettes

-Social & dining etiquette

-Team spirits, the art of dealing with people, internal vs external customers , open work culture ,respect & discipline, working together etc.

Pre-placement Preparations

Pre-placement Preparations

Apart from the round the year preparation on Soft Skills and Communication skills, we also help students to prepare better for the final placements.

  • Sector study : All emerging sectors of economy are studied by students in a group exercise through research. The in depth understanding of selected sector is presented through a powerpoint presentation by the students to entire class whereby every student comes to know about each sector. This helps the students chose the right sector and right company before the placement season starts.
  • A team of faculty and experts help students prepare to face interviews. This is done through mock interviews.
  • Mock Group Discussions (GDs) and resume / C V preparation is also a part of the pre placement preparation.
  • Mentorship : Suryadatta has faculty having experience in various sectors, who mentor and guide students having interest in making career in the sector.
  • Eminent personalities from different sectors of industry address the students about various parameters of the sector and help grooming them to make them industry ready professionals.
  • The Advisory and Governing Council at Suryadatta is always ready to help students prepare for final placements.
  • Multiple placement opportunities are given to students as per their basic qualification, specialisation and skill sets acquired at Suryadatta.

Aptitude Test & General Awareness

Aptitude Test & General Awareness

In UPSC or State Service Commission exams or written tests conducted by a few companies, students need to undergo an Aptitude test and a General Awareness test. Suryadatta gives sessions on General awareness and aptitude tests, which help to develop the students aptitude. Quizzes and General awareness programs are conducted by eminent speakers regularly. Thus Suryadatta students are trained on following.

  • Quantitative Aptitude Skills
  • Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Abilities & Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness & General Knowledge

Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills

Organizational Ability

As a multitasker, an administrator has to keep himself / herself organized so that he / she can give attention to all important aspects. Planning, Organising and Directing subjects are covered at Suryadatta through exercises and cases. At Suryadatta, students have a 12 hrs busy schedule every day. Time Management skills and prioritization are taught through daily routine planning.

Problem-Solving Skills

A busy administrator has to solve problems on a day to day basis. He also troubleshoots conflicts among office personnel and works with vendors to ensure that orders are fulfilled as requested, invoices are paid and refunds or exchanges are processed. Basic problem solving skills including root cause identification, Ishikawa technique, 5 Why’s technique are used.

Planning, Staffing & Directing Skills

An administrator uses planning skills to create policies, procedures and plans. He ensures to complete projects on time. Planning, Staffing and Directing are the HR skills that every administrator needs to implement. Through projects and exercises, this is ensured.

Basic Office Procedures

Basic Office Procedures prepares the student for today’s dynamic business office. This course introduces the student to the clerical field and covers office etiquette, common business machines, telephone techniques, and business meetings and communication.

Computing Advance Excel Training

Computing Advance Excel Training

Excel has become an essential computing tool in increasingly demanding Corporate World. From tracking your assets, income, debt and net worth to creating graph and chart, importing data from the web, data conversion data analysis and visualization tools, Excel support financial decision making for Business.

Students at Suryadatta are given special Advanced Excel training and certification which equips them from basic functional skills to advanced logic based excel functions and formulas. Our trainers have divided Excel training into following Formulas & other Advanced Functions

● Vlookup, Hlookup functions

● Mathematical functions – Count, Average, Mean etc.

● Pivot Table and Charts 

● Macro Training 

● Formatting

In this module students are provided training into making data and result sheets presentable. Students are trained on how to change background colors, borders, making pie charts and graphs visually appealing and clear. Use of Excel sheets is compulsory for projects and assignments at Suryadatta.

Balance Sheet Analysis

Balance Sheet Analysis

Knowledge of Finance and Financial statements is essential for today's Managers to perform and grow in their professions. Suryadatta imparts the most crucial knowledge of analyzing financial statements to its students.

A detailed analysis of balance sheet for any company represents the results of its strategy and structure. When a company approaches a Bank for financial assistance, the bank has to analyse the financial status of the company. The Equity research companies which offer recommendations for buying or selling shares of a listed company have to analyse the performance of a company. Investors, Tax Authorities, Creditors, Competitors, Marketing Agencies, Marketing Managers, Finance Managers, CEOs and students need to analyse the performance of a company for one or the other reasons. Similarly rating agencies, merchant bankers resort to financial analysis of the financial papers. Analysis of Financial Statements is a part of fundamental analysis of a company.


  • Students are given deep understanding of Balance sheet structure and terminologies
  • Each terminology is taken one by one and thorough study is done to develop understanding of its association with companies structure
  • Practical understanding is developed by giving one company balance sheet to each student for analysis. Students are trained on how various day to day activities in company impact the Balance Sheet.
  • The students have to compare two companies from the same industry and give their opinion by using various tools. Each student is required to make presentation in the class room. All these efforts give a cutting edge to the students of Suryadatta while they face the interviews for final placement.
  • The analysis is done on different parameters such as “Ratio analysis”, “Cash Flow & Funds Flow Analysis”, “Common Size statements”, “Trends Analysis”, “Asset Liability Management”, “Enterprise Valuation” along with the relevant Accounting standards.

International Business

International Business


Self-Assessment for Personal Goal

Self-Assessment for Personal Goal

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Career Planning & Job Search Skills

Career Planning & Job Search Skills

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Effectiveness At Workplace

Effectiveness At Workplace

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Domain Specific Grooming

Domain Specific Grooming

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Sector Specific Inputs

Sector Specific Inputs

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Job Role Focussed Coaching

Job Role Focussed Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students may be permitted to opt for PPOs. If a student gets a pre-placement offer, then he should communicate to the Dean – Corporate Relations. The student may be permitted to take up the offer after permission of the Director.

The Eligibility at the Institute Level is as follows-

  1. Students with no backlogs.
  2. Those who have cleared 100% course fees.
  3. Students with minimum 85% attendance are eligible for placements.
  4. Students should have 85% attendance for Employability Enhancement Program, conducted in Sem III.

Additionally recruiters may specify their eligibility criteria.

Yes. A student gets TWO offers from the institute. One is the regular and the other is the dream company. The student after looking at the profile and the package of the company can communicate to the Dean – Corporate Relations and the T & P team about his choice of the dream company. This choice will be availed after the student has an offer from a regular company. If the student does not get selected for his declared dream company, he will not be allowed to sit for any further CRP.

If a student gets a job on his/her own the same has to be communicated to the Dean – Corporate Relations. A copy of the offer/appointment letter must be submitted to the T&P office within 3 days of receiving the same. The students shall be permitted to take up the offer after discussions with the Director. These students will be eligible for seeking jobs through CRP also.

The institute has a deferred placements policy as a safety net to those students who want to take up entrepreneurship as a career option right after graduating from SIMMC, but often hold back themselves for the fear of failure and losing out on a corporate career. The institute offers such students a placements opportunity for an extended window of 2 years after they pass out.

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