SPPU Institute Code – 1312

          Industry Institute Interaction Committee
                          for the year 2017 – 18

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation

Dr. Hemendra Singh


Chairman of the Committee

Dr. Pralay Ghosh

Distinguished Professor

Secretary of the Committee

Dr. Shriprakash Soni

Associate Professor


Prof. Ashok Benegal

Associate Professor


Prof. T. N. Khalsa

Associate Professor


Prof. Archana Lahoti

Associate Professor


Prof. Lina Shirawadekar

Placement Coordinator



Rationale for formation of the Committee:

Industry Institute Interaction provides an opportunity to the students to develop an idea about functioning of various kinds of industries. It also develops awareness about industry chain of command in the form of different designations, roles, responsibilities, expectations, skills etc. The students also learn different technical aspects associated with the functioning of the industries.

When an industry resource person conducts a Guest Lecture or he is invited to deliver a lecture in a Seminar, Workshop or Conference, students get to know different skills needed to work efficiently and effectively in an industry. In case they lack a specific skills, they can acquire the same may be on their own or with the help of a faculty readily available within the Institute.


  1. To acquaint the students with the industry functioning.
  2. To develop awareness among students about industry hierarchy and technical aspects.
  3. To ascertain the roles and responsibilities while working in the industry.
  4. To communicate the students regarding industry expectations, working skills and requirements. 



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